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Hand-peeled Cedar Logs – Diameter of 1″ to 2 1/2″


These hand-peeled cedar logs vary in diameter from 1″ to 2 1/2″. Logs can be purchased by the foot for your DIY project in lengths from 1′ to 8′. If you’d like to purchase logs longer than 8′ please give us a call.

All hand-peeled cedar logs are individually selected and carefully harvested. At K&A Log Furniture, peeling is done by hand, not by high pressure water machine. Hand-peeling is done with a drawknife (two handles with a blade in between) to remove the bark of the tree. Because every tree is different, this is very physical manual labor making every hand-peeled log unique. Once logs are hand-peeled they’re stored in our temperature-controlled kiln to dry.

Please note, additional diameters are available for purchase as well. Our hand-peeled logs are available from 1″ diameter up to 6″ diameter.

Shipping note: shipping will be calculated and collected after your purchase, if you’d like an estimate in advance feel free to contact us.


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