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Log Home Maintenance

Regular log home maintenance by homeowners and professionals is a must.

Log home maintenance protects your investment. Good maintenance starts with quality construction by experienced log builders to ensure proper application of sealant between logs and in corners. All K&A Log Construction homes are built air-tight and leak-free; a cornerstone of good maintenance practices. We have been partnering with homeowners to maintain their log homes for decades. We follow a proven five step process and use only the best products on the market to ensure your investment is protected for future generations.

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There's a number of tell-tale signs indicating it's time for a professional to make repairs to your log home.
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With our thorough annual maintenance, your log home will look beautiful for years to come.

An inspection can be conducted by a homeowner or a professional and should be done in the spring and fall to determine what maintenance may be needed. Our inspections include a close review of the outside of a home, any decking or railings as well as the roof and chimney. We look for loose or cracking chinking, cracks in the logs, popped knots, signs of dampness, mildew or mold, infestations and faded stain concerns. While we closely inspect all areas of the home, we pay particular attention to areas that are exposed to the most extreme weather and temperature conditions.


This step can be completed annually by a homeowner with the right equipment and know-how. As part of our washing process we not only remove any surface level dirt but also focus on problem areas of dark patches or mold and mildew. Following our thorough cleaning, we take the opportunity to determine if a fresh coat of stain would be beneficial. There are a variety of techniques, tools and products on the market and it can be overwhelming for a homeowner. If you have questions, we’re happy to help.

Staining (When Needed)

We typically recommend a new coat of stain be applied every 5-7 years but that is heavily dependent on climate, log type, products used and location. It’s important your log home has been well cleaned and prepared in advance of any staining as this is the key to ensuring the stain lasts. Using the proper stain product and seal application technique are also crucial.  If you’re not feeling confident with your abilities as a homeowner you can trust the experts at K&A Log Furniture & Construction to tackle the job for you.


Chinking is the flexible sealant used during the construction of your log home to seal the joints between logs. In well-built log homes, chinking should last more than 20 years.  As part of our annual maintenance process we look for any cracks in the chinking in need of repair to prevent water pooling or bugs nesting. As with all of our maintenance steps you can be confident we’re using the top products and techniques available.

Pest Control

Given the nature of the material used, log homes have always been vulnerable to bugs and insects. Regular cleaning, filling cracks, dusting and fumigation is typically sufficient when it comes to preventing pests from entering your home and causing damage. As our final step in log home maintenance we’ll ensure we’ve closed off any opportunities for pests to become a problem and will repair any damage done.


I got the mantle today!!! And it is AWESOME, you know your logs!!! Your prices and delivery time is amazing!!! If/when I need more logs/log furniture or have someone who does, I will be sending them your way!!!!

Jerry Fischer
Keith is a PRO!!

Keith is a PRO!! Any vision you may have he can bring to light! Also his ideas are out of this world!! Love every minute working with Keith! Hardest working man you'll ever meet!

Alex Mitchell
Keith is absolutely great to work with.

Keith is absolutely great to work with. Offers good advise without being insistent. Good people definitely have my long term business

Joe Clark

What started as an effort to create a network of experienced, reliable log home construction crew members in the Aberdeen, South Dakota area has expanded to several states within the Midwest. Today we serve all of our neighboring states, but if you have a job outside of our area, give us a call to see if we can make it happen.

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