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Q:  Do I have to pay tax on my order?
A:  Anybody with an address in the state of South Dakota must pay 6% state/municipal tax.  Sometimes additional municipal  taxes apply depending on whether the order is delivered or picked up.  All out-of-state sales are not subject to sales tax.

Q:  How do I pay with the 'Buy it now' buttons?
A:  By clicking on this link, the user will be directed to the shopping cart that allows purchases with any major credit card or an already existing Paypal account.

Q:  Does K & A Log Furniture accept personal checks?
A:  Yes, we do accept personal checks.  They can be mailed to the address listed on this site.  Items will be mailed once the checks have cleared.  A returned check fee of $40 applies to any 'rubber' checks.

Q: What are delivery rates? 
A:  Delivery within a 15 mile radius of our business location is provided at no charge. Delivery within SD is available at a general rate of $1 a mile (round trip) .  Out of state delivery is available depending on location.  Prices vary for this service. Orders of $5,000+ qualify for 200 miles of free delivery.  Orders of $10,000+ qualify for 500 miles of free delivery.  Orders of $25,000 receive 1,000 miles of free delivery.

Q:  What kind of wood is used in the hand peeled furniture?
A:  The majority of the wood used is red(norway) pine from the forests of central and northern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.  These trees are selected and harvested by Keith Miller himself.  This allows for only high quality logs to be utilized for the heirloom furniture that is created.

Q:  How are the logs peeled and dried?
A:  After the logs are harvested and trucked back to the facility at Aberdeen, they are placed on a support and handpeeled.  Handpeeling is when a worker uses a drawknife (two handles with a blade in between) to peel off the bark of each tree.  The fact that every tree is different and this is very physical manual labor makes every piece of handpeeled log furniture unique.  Do not be misled by companies who claim to offer peeled, stripped or manually peeled logs.  This is done by high pressure water or a machine.  Any company that handpeels will be proud to say so.  After the logs are peeled they are placed on drying racks.  Room temperature air is then circulated around the logs to facilitate a slow, even drying process.  The reason that superheated air is not used is because hot air results in rapid moisture loss from logs and can lead to wide checks (the cracks that naturally run lengthwise on whole peeled logs).  When the moisture level is down to an acceptable level, the logs are ready to be used for furniture.

Q:  How long does it take for my order to be completed?
A:  That depends on what item is requested and how many orders are already in queue.  If your item is on hand, it can be picked up immediately.  Many items are built to order, so K & A does not stock a large number of items.  Order time is usually 2-8 weeks, with the majority of orders being completed in under 4 weeks.  During the summer and before Christmas, there are a large number of orders, so completion time may be extended.  

Q: Why are the logs in my furniture ‘cracked’?
A:  Checking(linear cracking) is present in all dried logs(2” diameter and larger). Moisture is released from the outside growth rings first, causing them shrink around the inner, still damp growth rings. The logs then split to allow this movement. If your logs are not checked, there is a good chance they are not thoroughly dried and will check and split as they dry. When they are drying on a finished piece, it can cause joints to loosen and the finish to peel. That is why all of the logs we use in furniture are dried first, then used on furniture.

Q: Does checking affect the logs strength?
A:  Usually not. Checking is linear and does not pass all the way through a log. The logs fibers still remain intact and the strength remains.

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